LS-DYNA Forum 2018: Invitation to the 15th German LS-DYNA Forum in Bamberg

The LS-DYNA Forum takes place every two years in autumn. This year DYNAmore invites all LS-DYNA users to the Welcome Kongress Hotel in Bamberg from October 15-17.

Stuttgart, 2 August 2018

The LS-DYNA Forum takes place every two years in autumn. This year DYNAmore invites all LS-DYNA users to the Welcome Kongress Hotel in Bamberg from October 15-17.

With more than 100 presentations, the Forum is the central event of simulation with LS-DYNA in Germany. In addition to contributions from users from industry and academia in four parallel sessions, the top-class keynote presentations by renowned speakers from the automotive industry, and contributions on exotic topics such as the simulation of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona ensure an interesting mixture with high quality contents. Since the keynote presentations will be translated simultaneously and many talks will be held in English, the conference is also worth a visit for international LS-DYNA users.

This year's thematic focuses include:

- Crash simulation

- Occupant safety

- Metal forming

- Material modeling

- Material failure

- Composites and lightweight construction

- Optimization

In addition, experienced software developers from LSTC and DYNAmore provide insights into current trends and developments in LS-DYNA and LS-OPT. The programme also includes the popular workshops on many different applications and topics. In the accompanying exhibition numerous well-known companies will present hardware and software developments around

As always, seminars accompanying the conference on the days after the event are also part of the LS-DYNA Forum.

This year the following seminars are offered:

-        Introduction to Welding Simulation (18 October, Bamberg)

-        NVH and Frequency Domain Analysis with LS-DYNA (18 October, Bamberg)

-        Advanced Damage Modeling: Orthotropic Materials (18 October, Bamberg)

-        Meshfree EFG, SPG, Advanced FE Models (18 October, Bamberg)

-        Methods for Simulation Short Duration Events (18-19 October, Bamberg)

-        Blast Modeling with LS-DYNA (22-23 October, Stuttgart)

-        LS-OPT – Introduction and Optimization (22-24 October, Stuttgart)

-        Penetration Modeling with LS-DYNA (24-25 October, Stuttgart)

-        Explosives Modeling for Engineers (26 October, Stuttgart)

Experienced lecturers provide well-founded and descriptive information on the respective topic. An overview with a description of the individual seminar contents is available at Please note that the accompanying seminars must be booked separately. Forum attendees receive a 10% discount on training prices.

More information, the agenda and the registration can be found at DYNAmore is looking forward to welcome numerous participants.


About DYNAmore

DYNAmore is dedicated to support engineers in solving nonlinear mechanical as well as multiphysical problems numerically. The product portfolio includes the finite element solver LS-DYNA, the pre- and post-processor LS-PrePost and the optimization software LS-OPT as well as numerous finite element models needed for crashworthiness simulation. The main field of activity is to sell, teach, support, and co-develop the software LS-DYNA and LS-OPT. In addition, DYNAmore provides engineering services for numerical analysis and integrate simulation software in the CAE environment. DYNAmore offers training including seminars, workshops, webinars, support and information days as well as LS-DYNA user conferences. More detailed information can also be found on our support and tutorial websites. DYNAmore is one of the first addresses for pilot studies and development projects with respect to the simulation of nonlinear dynamic problems. You will find DYNAmore in Stuttgart, Dresden, Ingolstadt, Berlin, Langlingen, Zurich (CH), Linköping (S), Gothenburg (S), Turin (I) and Dublin (USA).

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