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International LS-DYNA Conference / Infoday Damage and Failure with GISSMO / Selection of seminars and webinars / UK Oasys LS-DYNA Conference 2024 / Humanetics CAE Products Update / VPH 2024 Conference / See you at Ansys

Published on April 8, 2024

1) International LS-DYNA Conference
2) Infoday "Damage and Failure with GISSMO"
3) Selection of seminars and webinars
4) UK Oasys LS-DYNA Conference 2024
5) Humanetics CAE Products Update
6) VPH 2024 Conference
7) See you at Ansys

1. International LS-DYNA Conference
The International LS-DYNA Conference co-located with the Ansys Transportation Summit will take place on October 22-23, 2024 in Plymouth, Michigan, USA. All users are invited to submit a presentation. Further information on the call for papers, the conference and the venue can be found » on the Ansys website.

2. Infoday "Damage and Failure with GISSMO"
The free infoday "Damage and Failure with GISSMO" will take place on May 16, 2024 in Stuttgart and online. The agenda, registration and all further information can be found » here

3. Selection of seminars and webinars
- Introduction to LS-DYNA (April 10-12, 9-11 am (CET), online)
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- From Explicit to Implicit Simulation Models in LS-DYNA (April 10-11,  9-11 am (CET), online)
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- ICFD Incompressible Fluid Solver (April 10-11, Stuttgart, Germany)
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- Introduction DYNAmore ECO SYSTEM (April 12, Stuttgart, Germany)
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- Resistive Heating and Battery Modeling (April 15, Stuttgart, Germany)
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- CESE Compressible Fluid Solver (April 15-16, 9-11 am (CET), online)
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- Introduction to EFG (April 18, Stuttgart, Germany)
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- User Materials (April 19, Stuttgart, Germany)
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- NVH (April 25, 4-6 pm (CET), online)
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- User Interfaces in LS-DYNA (April 26, 9-11 am (CET), online)
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- Introduction to contact definitions in LS-DYNA (April 29, Stuttgart, Germany)  
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- Introduction to Draping Simulation with LS-DYNA (April 29-30, 9-11 am (CET), online)  
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4. UK Oasys LS-DYNA Conference 2024
Save the date: The UK Oasys LS-DYNA Conference 2024 will take place on June 13, 2024 at the Hyatt Regency in Birmingham.

5. Humanetics CAE Products Update
• THOR-5F v1.5 FE model is released which represents the latest available hardware design, known as SBL-C
• NHTSA accepted a new WSID-5F SBL-E design in September 2023. WSID-5F v3.0 FE model represents SBL-E design
• C-NCAP introduced a new virtual testing scenario combining Pre-Crash and Crash. THOR-50M C-NCAP v1.9 needs to be used for the pre-crash phase
• IIHS introduced in 2023 a new criteria for the HIII-5F dummy (Chest Index). HIII-5F v2.1 FE model enables the user to repeat the same measurement as in hardware for predicting the new criteria
EvaRID Update

More information can be found » here.

6. VPH 2024 Conference
The call for papers for the VPH 2024 conference at the University of Stuttgart is still open. All information on submission and the conference can be found » here.

7. See you at Ansys
In the course of the year, the DYNAmore Infomail will be merged into an Ansys newsletter. In order not to encounter any data protection hurdles, we ask you to » allow Ansys to send you e-mails. This will ensure that you continue to receive information about LS-DYNA activities. Please select your preferences after you have confirmed your e-mail address. After merging the newsletters, we will make it possible for you to explicitly select the LS-DYNA product. We hope this will enable a smooth transition.