9. - 11. Mai 2017, Salzburg

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Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017


Begrüßung / Keynote-Vorträge I
12:55 Begrüßung

U. Franz (DYNAmore)

13:05 Recent Developments in LS-DYNA – Part I

J. O. Hallquist, R. Grimes, J. Xu, G. Cook (LSTC)

13:45 On Computational Strategies for Fluid-Structure Interaction: Algorithmic Developments and Applications

Prof. D. Peric, W. G. Dettmer, C. Kadapa (Swansea University)

14:15 CAE-Based Safety Development of the All-New Volvo S90/V90/V90C
J. Jergeus, D. Macri, P.-A. Eggertsen, I. Jenshagen, U. Westberg, M. Khoo (Volvo Cars)
14:45 Sponsor Presentation: Fujitsu/Intel
Presenters from Fujitsu Technology Solutions and Intel
15:00 Pause


(Andreas Hirth Memorial Session)

Implementation of a VE-VP Material Law for the Simulation of Energy Absorbing Thermoplastic Components

P. Du Bois ( (Consultant); M. Feucht, J. Irslinger (Daimler);
T. Erhart (DYNAmore)
Application of reduced model to estimating Nij of HYBRID3 AF05 dummy in sled FE simulation
T. Yasuki (Toyota)

A Modular Material Modeling Strategy for UD Composites and Organic Sheets unsing MFGenYld+CrachFEM
M. Vogler, G. Oberhofer, H. Dell

Forming Simulation, Meta Language and Input Decks
M. Fleischer, J. Sarvas, H. Grass, J. Meinhardt (BMW Group)


Modelling of Ductile Polymer Model for Crash Application
Y. Ngueveu, S. Miyagano (Toyota);
F. Lauro (Universite de Valenciennes); R. Balieu (KTH Royal Institut of Technology)

CAE Prediction of H-Point (Occupant Positioning in the Vehicle) using LS-DYNA, ARUP-HPM Tool
C. G. Thangam,F. Eklöf,
E. Mårtensson, P. Setterberg,
J. Lindberg, S. Johnsson (Volvo Cars)

Holistic Approach for Simulation Driven Design Process for Fiber Reinforced Plastics
C. Hinse, S. Kaul (SimpaTec)

Experimental Validation of Detecting Surface Deflections on Sheet Metal Parts with LS-DYNA

A. Weinschenk, A. Schrepfer, W. Volk (TU München)

16:30 Characterization and Modeling of the Deformation and Failure Behavior of Neat Thermoplastic Homopolymers under Impact Loading Conditions
P. Stelzer, Z. Major (University of Linz)
THOR 5th Dummy FE Model Development
A. Lakshminarayana, C. Shah (Humanetics)

Multi-Scale Modeling Technics Applied to a Multi-Material Design Context: SFRP, CFRP, Additive Manufacturing

S. Calmels (e-Xstream)

Advances in IGA for Sheet Metal Forming Applications
S. Hartmann (DYNAmore)

16:55 Pause



15:40 Air Blast Reflection Ratios and Angle of Incidence
L. Schwer (SE&CS)
Processor Count Independent Results: Challenges and Progress
B. Wainscott, Z. Han (LSTC)

16:05 Comparison of MM-ALE and SPH Methods for Modeling Blast Wave Reflections of Flat and Shaped Surfaces
J. Trajkovski, R. Kunc, I. Prebil (University of Ljubljana)
Maximizing Cluster Scalability for LS-DYNA
P. Lui, D. Cho, G. Lotto, G. Shainer (Mellanox Technologies)
16:30 Simulating Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column against Close-In Detonation using S-ALE
S. Tay, R. Chan, J. Poon (Ministry of Home Affairs)
On Demand Licensing with LS-DYNA
Prof. U. Göhner (DYNAmore)
16:55 Pause


17:30 Simulation of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics with LS-DYNA Considering Anisotropy, Rate Dependency and Rupture
B. Lauterbach, M. Erzgraeber (Adam Opel);
C. Liebold, A. Haufe, M. Helbig (DYNAmore)
Study of Occupant Lower Leg Injury Value Using Interface New Functio
T. Ishihara, H. Sugaya, K. Maehara, H. Mae (Honda R&D)
Computational Material Models for TSCP Plastics Comparison of the Deformation Behavior with MAT 24 and MAT SAMP-1 with DIEM
M. Dobes, J. Navratil (Robert Bosch)
Forming Simulations of Niobium Sheets – Upgrade of the Numerical Model and Outcome for Novel Productions
A. Amorim Carvalho, M Garlaschè, A. Dallocchio, O. Capatina,
L. Prever-Loiri, M. Narduzzi, J. Brachet, B. Bulat (CERN);
L. Peroni, M. Scapin (Politecnico di Torino)
17:55 Stochastic Approach to Rupture Probability of Short Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene for Automotive Crash Applications
N. Sygusch, B. Lauterbach (Adam Opel);
N. Ruesch (Hochschule Darmstadt); S. Kolling (THM Gießen);
J. Schneider (TU Darmstadt)
Numerical Simulation of Aircraft Seat Compliance Test using LS-DYNA Implicit Solver
S. Pathy (LSTC); T. Borvall (DYNAmore Nordic)
Failure Models of Plastics - Material Characterization for *MAT_ADD_EROSION (DIEM)
A. Fertschej, B. Hirschmann, M. Rollant, P. Reithofer (4a engineering)

New Features for Metal Forming in LS-DYNA

R. X. Zhu, L. Zhang (LSTC);
B. Hochholdinger (DYNAmore Swiss)

18:20 Numerical-Experimental Correlation of Mechanical Tests on Fiber-Reinforced Polyamide Composites
A. Molaro, M. Lanzillo, F. Uimbardi, A. Causa, B. Villacci (SAPA)
Physical Appearance Evaluation of Automotive Seat Structure with J-SEATdesigner
N. Ichinose, H. Yagi (JSOL)
Creep Modeling Of Plastic Components in Sealed Connectors
H. E. Miled (Delphi Connecting Systems)

Forming of Ultra-High-Strength Sheet Metals with Alternating Blank Draw-In
R. Radonjic, M. Liewald (University of Stuttgart)
18:45 Get together – Getränke, Imbiss und Live-Musik in der Ausstellung


SDM & CAE Processes
17:30 A Review of S-ALE Solver for Blast Simulations
I. Kurtoglu, B. Balaban (FNSS Savunma Sistemleri
Leveraging Rescale’s Cloud HPC Simulation Platform to Run LS-DYNA Models and Accelerate Design Exploration: Examples and Case Studies
W. Dreyer, T. Smith (Rescale)
A Unified Environment For Processing Test Videos And Simulation Models
S. Kleidarias, V. Pavlidis (BETA CAE Systems)

Welding Simulation

T. Loose (DynaWeld)

In this workshop, two simulation models will be presented addressing the Gas Metal Arc Welding of a T-joint as well as a Laser Welding overlapp joint with a tension test.

17:55 A Comparison between Three Air Blast Simulation Techniques in LS-DYNA
H. Bento Rebelo, C. Cismasiu (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
HPC in the Cloud: Gompute Support for LS-DYNA Simulations
I. Fernandez (Gompute)
Systems Engineering with Status.E and CAViT – Comparison and Assessment of CAT & CAE DataA
G. Geißler, M. Liebscher, R. Hausdorf (SCALE); M. van der Hove (AUDI)
18:20 Secondary Shocks and Afterburning: Some Observation
L. Schwer (SE&CS); S. Rigby (University of Sheffield)
HPC in the Cloud – An Alternative to Cover “Just” Capacity Issues? Challenges & Outlook for Dynamic Scaling with LS-DYN
A. Heine, J. Tamm (CPU 24/7)
d3VIEW - Data to Decision Platform Development Update
S. Bala (LSTC)
18:45 Get together – Getränke, Imbiss und Live-Musik in der Ausstellung

Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017


07:15 Running LS-DYNA (45 min Jogging)


8:30 Plastic Instability of Rate-Dependent Materials - A Theoretical Approach in Comparison to FE Analyses
C. Keller, U. Herbrich (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung)

Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Joining
M. Gerkens, Prof. G. Meschut (University of Paderborn)

8:55 Short Introduction of a New Generalized Damage Model
T. Erhart, F. Adrade (DYNAmore); P. Du Bois (Consultant)
Lightweighting and Cost Reduction Using Optimization-Led Design Software
A. Farahani, M. Kiani, D. Mittal (ETA);
A. Kaloudis (BETA CAE)
Numerical Evaluation of Low-Speed Impact Behaviour of a Fabric Layered Composite Plate in an Industrial Context
S. Treutenaere, F. Lauro, B. Bennani, G. Haugou, W. Xu (University of Valenciennes); E. Mottola, T. Matsumoto (Toyota Motor)
Continuous Simulations from Resistance Spot Welding Process to Joint Strength
S. Yagishita, T. Kawashima, N. Ma (JSOL)

9:20 Ductile Failure in Large-Scale Analyses of Aluminium Structures
D. Morin, T. Berstad, O.S. Hopperstad, M. Langseth (NTNU)
MDO Collision/NV/Stiffness Optimization with LS-OPT
R. Ishii, M. Takeda (JSOL);
Y. Tanaka (Toyota Auto Body); M. Nishi (Nihon Emsco)
Material Characterization of a 3D-Woven Carbon Fiber Preform at Macro-Scale Level for Manufacturing Process Modelling
G. Scarlat, R. Ramgulam, P. Martinsson, H. Bayraktar
(Albany Engineered Composites)
Resistive Spot Welding Simulations Using LS-DYNA
P. L‘Eplattenier, I. Caldichoury (LSTC); T. Loose (DynaWeld)
9:45 Characterization and Modeling of Anisotropic Behavior of Aluminum Profile
F. Andrieux, D. Sun (Fraunhofer IWM)
Efficient Global Optimization Using LS-OPT and its Parallelization
A. Basudhar, N. Stander, I. Gandikota (LSTC);
K. Witowski, A. Svedin (DYNAmore Nordic)
Numerical Investigations of Adhesive CFRP-Joints and Determination of Transverse Properties of the Adherends
T. Behling, M. Holzapfel (DLR)
Modeling of Curing Adhesives between Jointed Steel and Aluminum Plates using MAT_277 in LS-DYNA
S. Dong (Ohio State University);
A. Smith, A. Sheldon (Honda R&D Americas)
10:10 Pause


8:30 2D Modeling of Blast Induced Rock Damage around a Single Blasthole
A. Saadatmand Hashemi, T. Katsabanis(Queen‘s University)

Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction between Injection Medium and Balloon Catheter using ICFD

L. Wiesent, Prof. M. Wagner (OTH Regensburg)

MPIP - Material Parameter Identification Process with 4a impetus

A. Fertschej, B. Jilka (4a engineering)

The material card generation using 4a impetus solution is shown exemplary for thermoplastic materials. The latest software features of 4a impetus are presented, especially the “Autofit” workflow and implementation of anisotropic material laws are main topics. New test methods focusing on failure estimation and component validation complete the workshop topic

Besides the presentation there will be time for interactions between the presenters and the audience

8:55 Numerical Modeling of Concrete Response to High Strain Rate Loadings
B. Dhanasekaran, D. Arumugam, B. Dhana Sekaran, T. Subash (Larsen & Toubro)
Generalized Porous Media Flow in ICFD-LS-DYNA: FSI, Free-Surface, RTM and Parachute Modeling
R. Paz, F. Del Pin, I. Çaldichoury (LSTC); H. Castro (Conicet)
Recent Developments in LoCo – Instant Collaboration in Simulation Data Management
R. Bitsche, M. Thiele, T. Landschoff (SCALE);
M. Koch (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche)

Numerical Prediction of the Dynamic Response of Prestressed and Reinforced Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Under Blast Loading

A. Maazoun, S. Matthys (Ghent University);
J. Vantomme (Royal Military Academy)

Effect of Porous Components on the Aerodynamics of a Bluff Body
S. Szyniszewski, M. Pelacci, J. Aguero, D. Birch (University of Surrey); Y. Liu (Southwestern University)
Data Management and Loadcase Composition in ANSA
T. Fokilidis, L. Rorris, T. Loiras (BETA CAE Systems)

Simulating Dynamic Loads on Concrete Components using the MM-ALE (Eulerian) Solver
J. Poon, S. Tay, R. Chan, (Ministry of Home Affairs)

Investigating the Post Processing of LS-DYNA in a Fully Imersive Environment
E. Helwig, F. Del Pin (LSTC)

The Benefits of Scripting for CAE Engineers – How a Little Can Go a Long Wa
G. Newlands (ARUP)
10:10 Pause


Materials – ARENA 2036
10:40 Modeling of Deformation and Damage Behavior of High Strength Steels under Multiaxial Crash Loading
D. Sun, A. Trondl. S. Klitschke (Fraunhofer IWM)
Topology Optimization Methods based on Nonlinear and Dynamic Crash Simulations
Prof. F. Duddeck, M. Bujny, D. Zeng (TU München)
Investigating the Influence of Local Fibre Architecture in Textile Composites by the Help of a Mapping Tool
M. Vinot, M. Holzapfel (DLR); C. Liebold (DYNAmore)
Hot Rolling Simulation of Aluminium Alloys using LS-DYNA
P. Simon, G. Falkinger (AMAG);S. Scheiblhofer (LKR Ranshofen)
11:05 A Status Review of Failure Simulation at the Federal Aviation Administration
D. Cordasco, W. Emmerling (Federal Aviation Administration);
P. Du Bois (Consultant)
LS-TaSC Product Status
K. Witowski (DYNAmore); W. Roux (LSTC)

The Digital Prototype as Part of Envyo – Development History and Applications within the ARENA2036 Environment
C. Liebold, A. Haufe (DYNAmore); M. Vinot (DLR);
J. Dittmann, P. Böhler (University of Stuttgart); H. Finckh, F. Fritz (ITV Denkendorf)

Tool Cooling Simulation for Hot Forming

T. Kuroiwa (JSOL)

11:30 A Comparison of Damage and Failure Models for the Failure Prediction of Dual-Phase Steels
F. Andrade (DYNAmore);
M. Feucht (Daimler)

A Systematic Study on Topology Optimization of Crash Loaded Structures using LS-TaSC
K. Weider, A. Marschner, A. Schumacher
(University of Wuppertal)
Manufacturing Simulation as Part of the Digital Prototype
P. Böhler, J. Dittmann, D. Michaelis, P. Middendorf
(University of Stuttgart);
C. Liebold (DYNAmore)
The Structural Conjugate Heat Transfer Solver – Recent Developments
T. Klöppel (DYNAmore)

11:55 Applications of Multiscale and Subcycling Methods for Press Hardened Steel Parts Failure Assessment
Y. Drouadaine (ArcelorMittal)
Free-Form Shape Optimization on CAD Models
M. Breitenberger. D. Baumgärtner, K. Bletzinger (TU München)
Textile Process Simulation as Part of Process Chain
H. Finckh, F. Fritz, G. Gresser (ITV Denkendorf)
An Analysis of the Hot-forming Process with Thermal and ICFD Simulations
M. Kintsch, S. Szabo, R. Schneider
(Voestalpine Automotive Components);
W. Rimkus (Hochschule Aalen)

12:20 Mittagspause


10:40 Assessment of the Capacity of a Reinforced Concrete Structure for Impact with Military Jet Aircraft
M. Miloshev, M. Kostov (Risk Engineering)

The Use of LS-DYNA for Body NVH “The Success so far“
T. Zeguer (Jaguar Land Rover); Y. Huang, M. Souli (LSTC)

SDM and CAE-Processes with SCALE Solutions

R. Bitsche, G. Geißler (SCALE)

The workshop gives an overview of the SCALE SDM products such as LoCo, CAViT and Status.E.

There will be a discussion on how to benefit from SCALE solutions as a user or project manager. The application of selected uses cases will be presented within live demos. Examples of typical CAE workflows and process automation using SCALE SDM applications are introduced.

A lively discussion at the end of the workshop is very welcome to investigate a potential integration of SDM software in your environment

New LS-PrePost Interface for ICFD Preprocessing

I. Çaldichoury (LSTC)

A new interface for model setup is under development in LS-PrePost where the user can easily assign physical properties and options for his model. LS-PrePost will then automatically translate the definitions into keyword forma

The current capabilities focus on the ICFD solver but will be extended in the future


Evaluation of Debris Modeling Technique on Failure Simulation of Concrete Structures

S. Tokura (Tokura Simulation Research); K. Niwa (Terrabyte)

Recent Developments for Frequency Domain Analysis in LS-DYNA
Y. Huang, Z. Cui (LSTC)
11:30 Comparison of the RHT Concrete Material Model in LS-DYNA and Ansys Autodyn
Acoustic Aalysis for Impact Sound with LS-DYNA
R. Ishii (JSOL); T. Yamamoto (Nihon Emsco); Z. Cui, Y. Huang (LSTC)

A New Eigensolver for High Performance NVH Analysis: MCMS (Multi-Level Component Mode Synthesis
Prof. K. Chang-Wan (Konkuk University); R. Grimes (LSTC)

12:20 Mittagspause


Keynote-VortrÄGE II
13:40 You want me to do that?!
E. DeHoff (Honda R&D Americas)
14:10 Simulation of Mechanical Watches at IWC
P. Steinhaeuser (IWC Schaffhausen)
14:40 Technical Challenges in the Integration of Hybrid-Components in New Automotive Concepts (Subject to approval)
D. Moncayo, Prof. C. Glöggler (Daimler)
15:10 Pause


CRASH – Bake hardening
Optimization – Topology & Robustness
EXperiments – Parameter optimization
Process – Welding
15:40 Enhancing Fracture Prediction by Local Material Property Distribution – Feasibility Study
D. Riemensberger (Adam Opel); A. Haufe (DYNAmore)

Topology Optimization of the Bogie Structure Of a Tracked Military Vehicle
NK. Akcengiz, B. Balaban (FNSS Savunma Sistemleri)
New Generation Modeler for LS-DYNA Material Parameter Conversion
A. Beckwith, E. Strong (Matereality)
Equivalent Energy Method for Welding Structure Analysis
T. Loose, J. Rohbrecht (DynaWeld)
16:05 FE Implementation of AA6xxx Series Aluminium Pre-Strain Dependent Strengthening Response During Paint Bake
S. Jurendic, Z. Liang, R. Burrows (Novelis); S. Saha (RWTH Aachen)

Improvement of Response Surface Quality for Full Car Frontal Crash Simulations by Suppressing Bifurcation using Statistical Approach
M. Okamura (JSOL)
Experimental Investigation on the Damage Behaviour of a Rubber-Toughend Polymer
M. Helbig (DYNAmore)
Prediction of Residual Deformation from a Forming and Welding Procedure in Alloy 718 using LS-DYNA
E. Odenberger, L. Peréz Caro (Swerea); M. Schill (DYNAmore Nordic)
16:30 Experimental Investigation and Numerical Characterization of the Bake-Hardening Effect of a Two-Phase Steels
D. Koch, A. Haufe (DYNAmore);
M. Feucht (Daimler)
Combined Analysis of LS-DYNA Crash-Simulations and Crash-Test Scans
L. Jansen, D. Borsotto, C. Thole (Sidact)

Explicit and Implicit FE Simulations of Material Tests for Subsequent Durability Analyses

P. Thumann, Prof. M. Wagner (OTH Regensburg); B. Suck (BMW Group); S. Marburg (TU München

Preliminary Study on Modeling of the Deformation and Thermal Behavior of FSW using SPH Approach
S. Patil, H. Lankarani (Wichita State University);
F. Baratzadehl (National Institute for Aviation Research)



metals under blast load
Model order reduction
15:40 Investigation on the Dynamic Behavior of AlgoTuf 400F Steel
G. Toussaint (Defence Research and Development Canada)
Review and Advances of Coupling Methods for the ICFD Solver in LS-DYNA2
F. Del Pin, I. Caldichoury, R. Paz (LSTC)

An Investigation into Modeling Approaches for the Dynamic Response of a Shipping Container Cart and Suspended Automotive Parts under Random Base Excitation using LS-DYNA
Prof. S. Noll, A. Ramanathan (Ohio State University);
E. DeHoff, R. Rittenhouse (Honda R&D Americas)

Introduction into the New Optimisation Tools for Forming Simulation with eta/DYNAFORM

M. Merten (DYNAmore)

Recently, DynaForm version 5.9.3 was published, which contains several new features. Particular highlights are the new automatic springback compensation process or the reworked blank & trim line development, which improve the workflow of a toolmaker in daily life

The goal of this workshop is to present these new features and how they work. How they can be an applied will be shown with the aid of a live demonstration on a simple geometry. Attention is drawn on a quick and proper setup for these processes.

16:05 Absorbing Materials – Tests Versus Simulations
R. Ridky , M. Popovic (SVS FEM); M. Drdlova (Výzkumný ústav stavebních hmot); O. Koutny (Bogges)

Applications of ICFD / SPH Solvers by LS-DYNA to Solve Water Splashing Impact to Automobile Body
G. Wang, E. DeHoff (Honda R&D Americas);

F. Del Pin, I. Caldichoury, E. Yreux (LSTC);

K. Gardner (Ohio State University)

Application of Model Order Reduction Techniques in LS-DYNA
P. Friedrich (SCALE); D. Weigert (AUDI AG);

U. Reuter (TU Dresden); M. Thiele (SCALE)

16:30 Numerical Modelling of the Plastic Deformation of Ti-6AI-4V Sheets Under Explosive Loading
D. Kakogiannis, F. Coghe, L. Rabet (Royal Military Academy)
Hydrodynamic Drag Force Predictions for Amphibious Military Vehicles
I. Kurtoglu (FNSS Savunma Sistemleri)

Hierarchical Multi-Level-Optimization of Crashworthy Structures using Automatic Generated Submodels
C. Falconi, A. Walser (Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart; H. Singh, A. Schuhmacher (University of Wuppertal);

H. Muellerschoen (SCALE);
S. Trentmann, L. Benito (Iges. für numerische Simulation);

C. Foussette, P. Krause (divis intelligent solution)

16:55 Pause


CRASH – Model building
Occupant safety – cae
experiments & Parameter optimization
Impact & Failure
17:25 Development of a 2015 Mid-Size Sedan Vehicle Mode
R. Reichert, S. Kan (George Mason University)
Airbag Folding with JFOLD – Latest Developments and Case Studies
R. Taylor (ARUP); S. Hayashi (JSOL)
Testing in Support of the Development of Accurate Numerical Simulations of Plastic Deformation and Failure
A. Gilat, J. Seidt (The Ohio State University)
Numerical Modelling of the Fluid Structure Interaction using ALE and SPH: The Hydrodynamic Ram Phenomenon
D. Varas, J. A. Artero-Guerrero, J. Pernas-Sánchez, J. López-Puente (University of Madrid)
17:50 Small Electric Car Front Cross-Member Assembly Low Speed Impact Simulation
I. Diamantakos, Prof. G. Lampeas, K. Fotopoulos (University of Patras); I. Lopez Benito (Batz S.)
Curve Comparison using esiCORA
M. Sommer, M. Seshadri (ESI)
Application of Digital Image Correlation to Material Parameter Identification using LS-OPT
N.Stander (LSTC); K. Witowski, A. Haufe, M. Helbig, D. Koch, C. Ilg (DYNAmore)
Novel Simulation of Composite Material behavior Subjected to Hyper-Velocity Impact (HVI) and Produced Secondary Debris by using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Code (SPH) Methodology in LS-DYNA
E. Giannaros, Prof. A. Kotzakolios, S. Tsantzalis, V. Kostopoulos (University of Patras) G. Campoli (ESA /ESTEC)

Error of Measuring Non Coplanar-2D Hex Elements in FEA Codes that use Varignon Theorem
F. Conde, C. Lois (ZF-TRW)

sogeometric Models for Impact Analysis with LS-DYNA
M. Montanari, N. Petrinic (University of Oxford); L. Li (LSTC)

19:00 Sektempfang in der Ausstellung
20:00 Gala Dinner im Europa-Saal


ICFD Solver & FSI

17:25 Numerical Investigations on Ricochet of a Spin-Stabilised Projectile on Armour Steel Plates
M. Seidl, T. Wolf, R. Nuesing (ISL)
Applications of ICFD Solver by LS-DYNA in Automotive Fields to Solve Fluid- Solid-Interaction (FSI) Problems
G. Wang, P. Rodriguez, J. Tippie, S. Smith (Honda R&D Americas); F. Del Pin, I. Caldichoury (LSTC)
TB11 Test for Short W-Beam Road Barrier
K. Wilde, S. Burzyński, D.Bruski, J. Chróścielewski, W. Witkowski (Gdańsk University of Technology)

Mapping with Envyo

C. Liebold (DYNAmore)

Envyo is a multi-purpose mapping tool which was introduced to the public in 2016 during the German LS-DYNA Forum

The goal of this workshop, is to present the already implemented mapping capabilities and to demonstrate their usage. The general need to map simulation results is shown with the aid of dedicated examples.

The workshop is closed with an open discussion where you can place your own ideas for future mapping developments


Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Asymmetrical Contact Between a Steel Plate and Armor-Piercing Projectiles
T. Fras (French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis); P. Pawlowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Simulation of Flow Induced Vibrations in Pipes using the LS-DYNA ICFD Solver
M. Timgren (DYNAmore Nordic)
Simulation of Wire Rope Road Barriers and Vehicle Collision: Experiment and LS-DYNA Correlation
I. Karpov, I. Demiyanushko, B. Tavshavadze (Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI)
Free Fall Movement Decomposition of a Payload Released by Aircraft: Study of the Aerodynamic Coefficients using the LS-DYNA ICFD Solve
E. Grippon, M. Seulin, V. Lapoujade, T. Maillot, C. Michel (DynaS+)
On the Influence of Shell Element Properties on the Response of Car Model in Crash Test
S. Burzyński, K. Wilde, D. Bruski, J. Chróścielewski, W. Witkowski (Gdańsk University of Technology)
19:00 Sektempfang in der Ausstellung
20:00 Gala Dinner im Europa-Saal

Donnerstag, 11. Mai 2017


Crash – Batteries & Tires
Pedestrian safety – Head impact
Materials – Short Fiber
Particle methods: Sph & DEM
8:30 Mechanical Modeling of Li-Ion Cell Crush Experiments using LS-DYNA
M. Seulin, C. Michel, V. Lapoujade (DynaS+); J. Marcicki (Ford Research and Innovation Center); P. L‘Eplattenier (LSTC)
Using LS-DYNA for Detailed Biomechanical Impact Simulation
W. Lietz, O. Siegemund (Cadfem); H. Ottersbach (IFA)
Compression Molding Analysis of Long Fiber Reinforced Plastics using Coupled Method of Beam and 3D Adaptive EFG in LS-DYNA
S. Hayashi (JSOL); H. Chen, W. Hu (LSTC)

Impact of Soft Body Materials, an Experimental and Numerical Approach using a Hopkinson Tube: Application to Substitute Bird
AJ. Pernas-Sánchez, R. del Caurillo, J. A. Artero-Guerrero, D. Varas,

J. López-Puente (University ofMadrid)

8:55 Battery Abuse Simulations Using LS-DYNA
P. L‘Eplattenier (LSTC)
Head Impact Analysis Correlation for Aluminium Bonnet
O. Çolpan, F. Aras (Tofas)

*MAT_4A_MICROMEC – Theory and Application Notes
P. Reithofer, A. Fertschej, B. Jilka (4a engieering); A. Erhart,

S. Hartmann (DYNAmore)

Thermal Coupling Method Between SPH Particles and Solid Elements in LS-DYNA
J. Xu, J. Wang (LSTC)
9:20 Modeling of a Cast Aluminium Wheel for Crash Application
Y. Leost (Fraunhofer EMI)
Validation of Thums Human Model Throw Distance in Pedestrian Accident Scenarios
M. Orlowski, C. Bastien, M. Bhagwani (Coventry University)
High-Dynamic Drop Test Simulation for Fiber Reinforced Plastics in Automotive Electronic Control Unit
T. Zhao, D. Papathanassiou (Bosch Automotive Products)
Simulation of Agricultural Soil Tillage Machine using DEM
H. Mouradjalian, Z. Asaf, I. Shmulevich (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology); B. Zion (Israeli Agricultural Research Organization

9:45 Tire Model Development Update
S. Bala (LSTC)
Define_Pressure_Tube: Simulating Pressure Tube Sensors in Pedestrian Crash
J. Karlsson (DYNAmore Nordic)

Considering the Local Anisotropy of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics: Validation on Specimen and Component
NR. Steinberger, T. Gross (Hirtenberger Automotive Group);

S. Paul (Simpatec); P. Reithofer (4a engineering)

Discrete Element Modelling of a Metamaterial for Launcher Tanks Dynamic Experiment
T. Legaud, E. Grippon, V. Lapoujade, P. Chiambaretto (DynaS+)
10:10 Pause


Mineblast / chemistry coupling 
Simulation – MISCELLANEOUS impact – marine & aviation WORKSHOP

Finite Element Modelling of a NiTi SMA Wire
W. L. H. Wan A. Hamid, L. Iannucci, P. Robinson (Imperial College London)

Marine Accident Integrated Analysis System using Highly Advanced M&S System of FSI Analysis Technique
S. Lee (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)

LS-OPT Robustness Analysis

K. Witowski (DYNAmore)

The goal of this workshop is to provide an overview of the methods for robustness analysis that are available in LS-OPT. Herein, the basic ideas of direct and metamodel-based Monte Carlo Analysis as well as RBDO/RDO will be discussed.

A life demonstration of how to set up a robustness analysis using thegraphical user interface of LS-OPT and how to visualize and evaluate the results will also be given

8:55 A Review of Strucural Part Modelling for Blast Simulations
G. Balaban, I. Kurtoğlu (FNSS Savunma Sistemleri)

Process Chain Simulation for Die-Less-Hydroforming Including Welding and Forming using DynaWeld and LS-DYNA
A. Metzger, T. Ummenhofer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Cause Investigation of Flooding & Sinking Accident of Ro-Ro Ferry Ship using Marine Accident Integrated Analysis System
S. Lee (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
9:20 Applying Buried Mine Blast Loads to a Structure Utilizing the User Module Capability
E. Lazerson, H. Raz, Z. Asaf (Plasan SASA)
Study on the Electromagnetic Flux Generation using the new 2D Axisymmetric Capability of Electromagnetism Solver in LS-DYNA
K. Takekoshi (Terrabyte)
Cause Investigation of Capsizing Accident of Ro-Ro Ferry Ship using Marine Accident Integrated Analysis System
S. Lee (Korea Maritime & Ocean University)
9:45 FSI with the Detailed Chemistry and their Applications in LS-DYNA CESE Compressible Solver
I. Kyoung-Su, Z. Zhang, G. Cook, (LSTC)
Control System in LS-DYNA
C. Keisser (DYNAmore France); I. Yeh (LSTC)

Development of an Aircraft Structure Subjected to a Bird Strike
H. Abdulhamid, F. Plassard (Thiot-Ingenierie)

10:10 Pause


implicit mechanics
materials – laminated glas
10:40 Modeling of Joints with Inserts for Sandwich Structures in Crash Simulation
P. Rochel, S. Sommer (Fraunhofer IWM)
Enhancements to Implicit Mechanics
R. Grimes, R. Lucas, C. Weisbecker, C. Ashcraft, F. H. Rouet, J. Anton (LSTC)
Hybrid Laminated Glass: Material Characterisation and CAE Modelling
B. Feng (Jaguar Land Rover)

A Layer by Layer Approach for Simulating Residual Stresses in A
N. Strömberg (Örebro University); M. Schill (DYNAmore)
11:05 Development of Accurate Finite Element Models and Testing Procedures for Bolted Joints in Large Caliber Gun Weapon Systems
M. Koehler, G. Fish (US Navy)
Improving LSTC’s Mulitfrontal Linear Equation Solver
R. Lucas, R. Grimes, F. Rouet, C. Weisbecker (LSTC); N. Meng (Intel); T. Zhu (Cray)
Validation Tests and Simulations for Laminated Safety Glass
M. Sauer, F. Kölble (Fraunhofer EMI); K. Mattiasson (Chalmers University of Technology); L. Schmidt (Saint-Gobain Sekurit Deutschland); S. Wenig (Sika Automotive); T. Carlberger (University West); M. Buckley (Jaguar Land Rover)
Evaluation of Different Thermo-Viscoplastic Material Models under Simultaneous Hot/Cold Forging Conditions
M. Nahrmann, P Kühlmeyer, A. Matzenmiller (University of Kassel)

Characterization and Modeling of Spot-Weld Joints in Press Hardening Steels Associated with Softening in Heat Affected Zone
H. Ghassemi-Armaki, Q. Khan (ArcelorMittal);

A. Gill, S. Zilincik (Chrysler)

An Implicit Study of High Order Elements in LS-DYNA
T. Borrvall (DYNAmore Nordic); D. Benson, H. Teng (LSTC)

A New Failure Criterion for Laminated Safety Glass
C. Alter, S. Kolling (TH Mittelhessen);

J. Schneider (TU Darmstadt)

Orbital Forming of SKF‘s Hub Bearing Units
E. Omerspahic, J. Facht (SKF)
11:55 Investigation of Undermatched Weld Fracure for Automotive Applications
B. Hiriyur (Thornton Tomasetti)
A Roadmap to Linear and Nonlinear Implicit Analysis with LS-DYNA
G. Laird (Predictive Engineering)

Laminated Amorphous Polymers Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact
A. Rühl, S. Kolling, J. Scheider (TH Mittelhessen);

B. Kiesewetter (Evonik Industries

Modelling of Hot Rotary Kiln
D. Ramanenka, G. Gustafsson, P. Jonsen (University of Lulea)
12:20 Mittagspause



Numerical Modelling of Symmetric and Asymmetric Punching and Post-Punching Shear Responses of RC Flat Slab

N. Ulaeto, J. Sagaseta (University of Surrey)

Characterization and Modeling of Engineering Friction and Wear with LS-DYN
S. Dong (Ohio State University); A. Sheldon (Honda R&D Americas)

Blast Analysis with LS-DYNA

D. Hilding (DYNAmore Nordic)

An overview is given of the available methods in LS-DYNA to calculate explosive blast loads from conventional explosives on structures for structural engineering purposes. Advantages and disadvantages with the different methods will be pointed out. The focus is on air-blast.

The intended audience is LS-DYNA users interested in methods for blast & explosion simulation with the goal to be able to do strength/performance analysis of blast loaded structures. Time permitting, a short demonstration will be given

11:05 Evaluation of Advanced Element Formulations for Failure Prediction of Highly Complex 3D-Printed Parts
S. Mohapatra (Sabic)
Numerical Model to Predict Kickback for Angle Grinders
G. Fleury (INRS)
11:30 Reduced Ductility due to Local Variation in Material Properties for 3D-printed Components
T. Tryland (Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing)
Biotex BigBag Simulation - LS-DYNA Airbag Tool Unusual Application
C. Weinberger, B. Hirschmann (4a engineering); J. Eichelter (Franz S. Huemer)

11:55 A 3D Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method with the Bond-Based Peridynamics Model for Dynamic Brittle Failure Analysis
W. Hu, B. Ren, C.T. Wu, Y. Guo, J. Wu (LSTC)
Verification and Validation of LS-DYNA for the Transport and Storage of Radioactive Materials
G. Marchaud, V. Saint-Jean (Areva)
12:20 Mittagspause


13:30 Modelling of Adhesively Bonded Joints in CAE-Models at Porsche – Look behind the Scenes
F. Burbulla (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche)
14:00 Recent Developments in LS-DYNA – Part II
J. O. Hallquist, P. L‘Eplattenier, N. Stander, Y. Huang, S. Bala, F. Del Pin (LSTC)
15:00 Verabschiedung
T. Münz (DYNAmore)
15:15 Ende der Konferenz