LS-DYNA Compact: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Due to the true meshless nature of SPH, the method is perfectly suitable in situations with very large deformations. Typical applications of SPH in LS-DYNA include impact simulations of fluids or solids or other scenarios where it is essential to capture the momentum exchange accurately. Attendees will learn the application of the SPH with the aid of many workshop examples.

The course instructor Prof. Mhamed Soul of the University of Lille is a long-term software developer at LSTC and is frequently implementing new features for the methods ALE and SPH in LS-DYNA. This seminar aims at engineers who have already worked with LS-DYNA and would like to use SPH as a meshless method.

Please note: The course will be held in Ansys Learning Hub. We will send the credentials shortly before the training.


  • Introduction
  • General possibilities/applications
  • Development and classification of the method
  • Principal idea of the SPH method
    • Particle approximation of field functions
    • Characteristic length scales
    • Renormalization
    • Tension instability and possible countermeasures
    • Available formulations
    • Comparison of SPH with FEM
  • Symmetry boundary conditions
  • Contact modeling
    • SPH to FEM
    • SPH to SPH
    • SPH to DEM
  • Conversion of finite elements to SPH at failure
  • Thermal extension
  • Input parameters
    • Control settings
    • Output settings
  • Pre- and post-processing with LS-PrePost
  • Sample applications
Date 20.05.2024 (3 days)
Time 09:00 - 11:00
Lecturers Mhamed Souli, Maik Schenke
Location Online
Languages English
Standard (600 € + VAT)
Employee of University (300 € + VAT)
Student (150 € + VAT)
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