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Pre-processing in LS-OPT with Oasys PRIMER

June 11, 9-10 a.m.

This webinar will be presented by Mike Magnier from Arup, who are the distributor of LS-DYNA in the UK, China and India, and developer of Oasys pre- and post-processing software for LS-DYNA.

During his eight years at Arup, Mike has contributed to a significant number of projects across a broad range of sectors, including automotive, buildings, and infrastructure. Across these projects, Mike has developed considerable knowledge of LS-DYNA, covering the implicit and explicit solvers, frequency and time-domain, and linear and non-linear problems.

More recently, Mike has been incorporating LS-OPT and LS-TASC in to his work, utilising these tools for parameter identification and to develop more efficient or robust designs for his clients. He now helps to deliver Arup’s introductory courses on these tools, and he provides technical support to LS-DYNA customers.

In this webinar, Mike will demonstrate how to setup an Oasys PRIMER pre-processing stage in LS-OPT, which has been made simpler in V7 with the addition of native support for PRIMER. Mike will setup a PRIMER stage to apply part morphing, allowing the parts shape to be incorporated into an optimisation study.

Mike Magnier.jpg
Host Mike Magnier from Arup

Date 11.06.2021 (1 h)
Location Online
Languages English