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Ansys Level Up 3.0

Virtual Engineering Simulation Conference in October 2022.

Ansys Level Up 3.0 is a virtual conference with a variety of interesting presentations on many simulation topics. Experienced calculation engineers who have a lot of experience in working with LS-DYNA will learn here what possibilities the Ansys product portfolio offers. Participation is free of charge

Topics of the conference are:

  • Upfront Simulation 
  • Mechanical
  • Fluids
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Design
  • Acoustics / NVH
  • Electronics Reliability
  • Spotlight Solution: Gas Turbines

When submitting your abstract and registration for the German LS-DYNA Forum, you have the opportunity to register your presentation and registration directly for the Level Up 3.0 event. More information about the virtual Level Up 3.0 conference can be found here.