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Sponsors and exhibitors

In the accompanying exhibition, numerous hardware and software manufacturers offer an insight into the latest news and trends around LS-DYNA. If you want to contribute, please request additional exhibitor and sponsoring information.

About 500 participants informed themselves at the last European LS-DYNA Conference 2019 in Koblenz in more than 200 technical presentations and in a hardware and software exhibition with more than 35 exhibitors about applications, developments, trends, hardware and additional products in the environment of LS-DYNA and LS-OPT.

The comprehensive information opportunities, the exchange of knowledge and experience, and the possibility of professional discussion repeatedly made the conference a great success.

Also this year, development engineers from the industry will get the latest information about hardware and software around LS-DYNA and LS-OPT and about complementing software in a centrally located exhibition or via our online offer and discuss their wishes and ideas with software and hardware manufacturers.

We would be pleased if you were also present and if we could welcome you as an exhibitor and/or sponsor