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DYNAmore Express: Robustness in metal forming with LS-OPT

Termin: 16. Juli 2021, 9-10 Uhr

This webinar shows the application of the optimization and probabilistic analysis program LS-OPT on the drawing step of a generic fender geometry simulated with LS-DYNA to judge on the robustness and reliability of the model. Input variables of a typical sheet forming simulation that are subject to uncertainties are alternated automatically within the framework of LS-OPT based on an inherent Monte Carlo approach. Using metamodel approximations as well as classifiers to evaluate statistical results are discussed. The influence of the variation of the input variables on typical sheet forming results is investigated, e.g. thickness reduction and the Formability Index. Alternated parameters were material properties like yield and tensile strength taken from literature.

Termine Dauer/Tage Anmeldung Trainer Sprache(n) Ort Gebühr
1 h Mathias Merten Englisch Online frei


Mathias Merten

Mathias Merten


Formungs- und Prozesssimulationen

Maschinenbau, Angewandte Mechanik